Sunshine Coast Falcons vs Toowoomba Clydesdales

Round 4 this week saw the 2015 Mal Meninga Falcons travel to Toowoomba.

A difficult road trip after last week’s massive  effort against Northern Pride.

In conditions reminiscent of the week before – rain and strong winds - a very determined Toowoomba side came out switched on to record a 24 – 8 defeat of our boys.

The start of the game was very even with both sides trading sets giving no clue as to what would unfold.

Eventually we would come up with some errors, but unlike previous week we did not defend against them as Toowoomba scored and stepped up their intensity.


 Our lethargy was matched by Toowoomba’s enthusiasm. Whilst we scored a very good try to stay in the game finished off by Brody, we struggled to win the ruck and accordingly couldn’t gain any ascendancy.


We went into the dressing rooms down 4 – 18 at half time ,down but not out.


Conditions in the second half worsened but our effort was greatly improved. We started to defend with enthusiasm and like previous weeks forced the opposition into errors.

 However our lethargy in the first half was now replaced by impatience in the second half - leading to missed opportunities. A seemingly fair try was disallowed adding to this frustration.


Cory’s intercept off the back off some very good defense put the team within 10 points; however a long range intercept of their own iced the game for Toowoomba.


Solid efforts from Cory and Dakota, whilst Baidon was again very composed at the back.


TOOWOOMBA CLYDESDALES 24 (Will Carter, Gerome Burns, Beau Fermor, Bryce Whale; Gerome Burns 4 Goals) def. SUNSHINE COAST FALCONS 8 (Cory Parker, Brody Riseborough)